Your Guide to Buying a Waikoloa Vacation Rental

Waikoloa Vacation Rental Condos

Your Guide To Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Eligible Condos In Waikoloa

Are you searching for a dreamy vacation property in Hawaii that you can use as a Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR)? Imagine owning a condo that offers not only a personal paradise but also serves as a lucrative investment opportunity. If that is what you are seeking, look no further that right here in picturesque Waikoloa located along the famed Kohala Coast on the Big Island.  

Waikoloa boasts several STVR-friendly condo complexes, each offering unique characteristics and features to meet your specific desires. As you begin your search know there are two primary areas to Waikoloa, the Waikoloa Resort area and Waikoloa Village.

The Waikoloa resort area is home to an array of upscale condos designed with vacation renters in mind. Among the gems in this resort are the Fairway Villas, Halii Kai, Kolea, The Shores at Waikoloa, Waikoloa Beach Villas, and Waikoloa Colony Villas. Each of these options brims with luxurious amenities that will make your vacation home feel like a four or five-star resort.

For those seeking a more laid-back vacation rental experience, the Waikoloa Village offers condos like the Fairway Terrace, Paniolo Greens, Waikoloa Fairways, Waikoloa Hills, and Waikoloa Villas I & II. These complexes provide the perfect blend of tranquility and community spirit that Waikoloa Village is renowned for.

Waikoloa Resort Short Term Vacation Rentals

Waikoloa Village Short Term Vacation Rentals

It’s worth noting that the Waikoloa market is not limited to just condos. Some single-family homes are also eligible to be used as STVRs. Typically, these homes come with a nonconforming use certificate (NUC), which can be transferred with the sale of the property. Remember, though, these must be renewed annually.

For a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations for STVRs, the County of Hawaii’s Planning Department website is a valuable resource. It provides information on short-term vacation rental requirements and applications, ensuring you have all the necessary details before proceeding with your investment.

Interested in property management services for your vacation rental? Check out our partnership with Coldwell Banker Island Vacations. They offer top-notch vacation rental management services that help you streamline the process, taking care of everything from bookings to maintenance. Plus, their team is on-island so they can provide immediate support in a moment’s notice.  

Purchasing a condo in Waikoloa for use as a Short-Term Vacation Rental can be an exciting investment opportunity. With the stunning scenery, tropical weather, and a plethora of rental-friendly options, it’s no wonder many are drawn to this incredible destination. Remember, though, due diligence is key when venturing into the vacation rental market. 

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