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Waikoloa Real Estate Report 2023

Waikoloa Real Estate – 2023 Year in Review

Much like the larger Hawaii market, Waikoloa real estate reflected similar trends of flat median prices, sharp decline in total sales, and longer days on market.
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Big Island Lava Zones

Lava Zones on the Big Island: Impact on Real Estate, Mortgages, and Insurance

The Big Island of Hawaii is not only known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty but also...
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Waikoloa Village Homes for Sale

An Early Review: Waikoloa Village’s Single-Family Home Market in 2023

Waikoloa Village’s single-family home market is holding steady year over year. Compared to last year, total home sales are down slightly while median sales prices are up a smidge.
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October 2023: Waikoloa Real Estate Round-Up

This October, the Waikoloa area witnessed some intriguing trends in the real estate market. Here's a snapshot of what the market looked like.
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Queens' Marketplace Waikoloa

Neighborhood Spotlight: Queens’ Marketplace

Queens' Marketplace is a vibrant hub that seamlessly marries Hawaiian culture with contemporary shopping conveniences. As you step into this dynamic space, you are welcomed by a medley of stores, eateries, galleries, and a plethora of activity providers, ensuring an experience like no other.
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Riding the Waves of History: Waikoloa Beach Condo Sales Over the Years

Riding the Waves of History: Waikoloa Beach Condo Sales Over the Years The allure of Waikoloa...
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Na Hale Makoa: Affordable Housing

Na Hale Makoa: Waikoloa's Newest Affordable Housing Coming Summer of 2025 Sprouting from the...
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Waikoloa’s Newest Listings: September 2023

Waikoloa's Newest Listings: September 2023 It was a slower-than-normal month for new listings...
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Discover Nana Kai: Waikoloa’s Newest Residential Community

Discover Nana Kai: Waikoloa’s Newest Residential Community Exciting times are ahead for...
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August 2023: Waikoloa Real Estate Round-Up

Tighter market conditions persisted in August 2023, with the entire Waikoloa market area recording...
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Overview of Waikoloa Village Association Membership and Benefits

The Waikoloa Village Association (WVA) stands as a testament to community-driven effort and...
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The Best Beaches Near Waikoloa

Centrally located along the Kohala Coast, Waikoloa, has always held an allure for beach lovers...
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10 Reasons Why We Absolutely Love Waikoloa Village

Located on the stunning island of Hawaii, the allure of Waikoloa Village is undeniable. This dynamic community captures the hearts of residents and visitors alike, and here are ten reasons why we love it so much.
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Waikoloa Village Golf Course, a Hawaiian Gem

The Waikoloa Village Golf Course, located on the sunlit Big Island of Hawaii, is not just a golf course – it’s a golfing journey.
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Pet-Friendly Condos in Waikoloa on the Big Island

Pet Friendly Condos in Waikoloa Village For many of us, pets are more than just animals; they are...
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Your Guide to Buying a Waikoloa Vacation Rental

Waikoloa Vacation Rental Condos Your Guide To Short-Term Vacation Rental (STVR) Eligible Condos In...
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